Cloud computing is the on-demand supply of IT resources through the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing model without owning, and maintaining data centers, organizations can gain access to computing power, storage, and databases from a cloud provider.

Our services include

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization is the process of improving the performance of applications hosted in the cloud, infrastructures, and workloads through productive management and allocation of cloud resources.

We help you through

  • Assessment of current infrastructure
  • Easy management of total consumption and expense.
  • Take advantage of our expertise with Azure and AWS.
  • Expertise in deploying complicated systems and high utilization environments.
  • Certified professionals and industry best practices.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a cloud-based application or service using which the data and applications residing in an organization’s IT infrastructure is backed up and safely stored on a remote server for disaster recovery purposes. We understand the customer's need for security and data protection, and we have a team of professionals who help set up data backup storage on any cloud service.

We help you through

  • Cloud Backup for PC and Server
  • Monitoring of Backups
  • POC
  • Implementation support
  • Recovery support

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the system of migrating data, applications hosted on servers within an organization to a cloud computing environment. We help clients seamlessly migrate to major Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platforms while handling the timeline, budget, and services during the migration.

We help you through

  • Cloud Platform Selection
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Managing Operations
  • Data Migration

Cloud Assessment

A Cloud Assessment helps companies recognize opportunities for deploying cloud solutions within their IT infrastructure for enhancing business operations and productivity. KernelSphere’s specialized services help customers get a clear understanding of their current infrastructure and make them cloud-ready.

We help you through

  • Road-map for cloud migration
  • Migration best practices
  • ROI Analysis and impact on business
  • Cloud readiness assessment
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