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At KernelSphere, we develop economical & effective IT services which provide a range of communication and information solutions. Some of the few services which we offer are Cloud Services, Devops & Agile Services, Migration Services, Disaster Recovery, Windows Server Upgrade, Infrastructure Management, Application Development & Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, High Performance Teams and Enterprise Solutions. Our satisfied clients in Dubai & from major cities bear testimony to the quality of our services.


As one of the leaders in technology exploring, KernelSphere is committed to exporting quality software to both small & big companies. The general purpose of KernelSphere developing & promoting advanced information technologies for multi-user operation.


KernelSphere's business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best price-to-quality ratio found in the industry.

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    We have tailored solutions that help to align your IT Infrastructure to support business strategies.

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    Cloud Services

    Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources,

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    Disaster Management

    Disaster Management is a method of an organization for getting back

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    Migration Services

    Cloud migration is the process of moving/upgrading a business’s

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    Infrastructure Management

    KernelSphere helps in reducing the burden of IT Infrastructure Management

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    At KernelSphere, we use our expertise & skills in AI technologies to perform tasks that usually people perform to accelerate work process for businesses. For example, the ability to make decisions, the ability to communicate with users, etc. We use AI technologies in making machines think & act like humans.

    AI doesn’t replace people in most cases. Instead, it enhances human capabilities and transforms the way we work. AI works through artificial intelligence software tools.

    Artificial Intelligence software is a technology which uses AI and special algorithms to automate different tasks. Businesses can save time & effort by automating their business processes and enabling their employees to work more productively.

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Getting Organization’s AI-Ready

    Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt reshaping businesses. The technologies which enable AI, like development platforms & vast processing power and data storage, are advancing rapidly and becoming increasingly affordable.

    We at KernelSphere help businesses with these AI technologies by providing consultation & implementation services, and support services for AI and ML solutions to help our clients for integrating them into their business. With our vast range of specialist partner networks, we also have access to data science and state of the art machine learning solutions.

    KernelSphere utilizes IBM Visual Insights which includes an intuitive toolset that empowers subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise.

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