KernelSphere is a software solutions provider in Dubai offering cloud services which includes providing cloud migration assistance, hosting maintaining of required hardware & software technologies for Over-The-Air (OTA) services through satellites connecting ground-based databases/servers and transferring all your business workflows on the cloud for easy access anytime.

By using cloud services, customers avoid the huge expenditures & maintenance costs that they would need to pay. They can then use the money saved on other important aspects of their business.


Self-service via digital platform:

Users can initiate service functions, and increase or decrease their service usage, via a digital platform with less or almost no interaction .


Pay as per use:

Users only pay for the service they use resulting in huge savings in comparison with developing on-site IT capacities customised for maximum use, only to have that capacity to be under-utilized most of the time.


Massive scalability:

Cloud computing service providers have the infrastructure to deliver services at near-limitless scale meaning that the cloud can accommodate business growth or periodic spikes in service usage.

Our services include

Cloud Optimization

Optimization is extremely crucial in cloud computing. That’s why we aim to build an ecosystem of cloud services which is optimized across network, storage, compute, and operations.

We do this without degrading the performance, security or scalability of the cloud. Our cloud experts help you streamline IT operations for making the service even more economical while following industry best practices, as well as complying to security and guidelines.

The 3 Columns of Cloud Optimization

The 3 Columns of Cloud Optimization give you the best in security and governance standards with our years of expertise.

  • Monitor & enhance network performance with network load balancing, packet loss monitoring, and bandwidth management
  • Save bandwidth by implementing HTTP compression schemes & algorithms
  • Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN), to reduce latency & costs
  • Optimize lifecycle of data backup storages
  • Assess & identify the optimal disk instances to be used like disk compression & sophisticated object storage mechanisms
  • Modify reservations across families/sizes, operating systems, and tenancy
  • Reserve stateless services such as data transformation services for spot instances
  •  Select an instance type which matches your desired compute requirements
  • Optimize your selection for CPU usage, memory, storage, & different networking profile
  • Scale horizontally or vertically as per event triggers in compute requirements

We help you through

  • Assessment of current infrastructure
  • Easy management of total consumption and expense.
  • Take advantage of our expertise with Azure and AWS.
  • Expertise in deploying complicated systems and high utilization environments.
  • Certified professionals and industry best practices.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a strategy for sending a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to a secondary, off-site location for preservation in case of equipment failure or catastrophe.

Implementing cloud data backup can help bolster your company's data protection strategy without increasing the workload of information technology (IT) staff.

There are several business benefits to cloud storage, including cost efficiency, security, accessibility, and scalability.

We help you through

  • Cloud Backup for PC and Server
  • Monitoring of Backups
  • POC
  • Implementation support
  • Recovery support

Cloud Migration

KernelSphere also assists in cloud migration which is the process of moving digital business operations to the cloud. It is like a physical move, but involves moving data, applications, and IT processes from one data center to the other.

It allows your business to expand and grow painlessly while working within the existing infrastructure. This means applications and data can grow without impacting your business performance or customer experience.

We also give migration consulting to help clients easily migrate to major Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, & Google Cloud Platforms while being efficient, economical & handling services during the migration.

Here are a few benefits of Cloud Migration


Cloud computing can scale up for supporting large workloads & number of users rather easily than on-premise infrastructures which requires companies to purchase and set up additional physical servers, networking equipment, or software licenses.


You can save a lot of money after migrating to the cloud as you won’t need to pay much money for storing services as much as you would by handling maintenance and upgrades on your own.


Moving to the cloud enables businesses to improve the performance and overall user experience for their customers. If their application or website is hosted in cloud data centers instead of in various on-premises servers, then data will not have to travel as far to reach the users, reducing latency.


Users, whether they’re employees or customers, can access the cloud services and data they need from anywhere. This makes it easier for a business to expand into new territories, offer their services to international audiences, and let their employees work flexibly.

We help you through

  • Cloud Platform Selection
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Managing Operations
  • Data Migration
  • Post migration Support

Cloud Assessment

KernelSphere can also help you in making a conscious choice whether to move to the cloud. We evaluate your business and determine costs & risks, migration, optimization for your business. We do this by doing a assessment cloud.

Successful cloud migration is about knowledge of cloud technologies and a connection with the study of understandable technologies and practices.

Here is how it works:

  •  Our team conducts financial audits for projects. Analyzes the degree of benefits to understand the financial value of cloud computing.
  • Experts conduct a comparative analysis of your applications and cloud services. The best ones are selected for efficient uninterrupted operation in terms of the ratio of characteristics.
  • We create a specific cloud migration plan, perform a cloud conversion load assessment, design a detailed application migration plan, as well as their relevance to specific services. Experts optimize migration and ensure the safety of the transition, taking into account cost.
  • The core value of hybrid cloud and cloud data is to support the rapid transition to digital business.


Your enterprise may need a combination of public, private clouds, and enterprise resources
to gain flexibility.

We help you through

  • Road-map for cloud migration
  • Migration best practices
  • ROI Analysis and impact on business
  • Cloud readiness assessment
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